For a long time I envied Naomi, I remember being in my teens daydreaming about how I’d look in those Fab Fashions she use to wear. I remember sitting in front of the mirror for hours trying to do my hair and make-up just like hers. Fortunately, I didn’t have access to the weaves & wigs she was rockin all those years.

Its now been well over 20 years and I still haven’t been able to achieve her Fab look…especially this new one! Whew!

Nope, I’m not ragging on Naomi, so just relax! However, I am saying, many of us are always trying to imitate our favorite celebs, putting them on pedestals. We’re constantly trying to get quick fixes and not thinking about the long term results. (Re-examine the above image).

Until we learn to love our hair, our eyebrows, our breasts, our skin tone and even that damn wrinkle in the middle of our forehead, we’ll be forever chasing and not achieving true fabulousness!

Love yourself! Peace.


Lindsey Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail.

So here’s the deal. Although Lohan fans might be boo-hooing about their goddess being sentenced to 90 days, I can’t say that I have any sympathy at all, and if you’re just as famous as I am (which I’m not!) you shouldn’t care either. Put it this way…if it were you or I, not only would we have been jailed years ago and fined an amount that would make us want to stay, but we wouldn’t be missed by Ms. Lindsay a single bit!

Now, for you Lohan fans who still pity Lindsay, don’t worry, not only will she be out before 90 days, but she’ll be in a cell designed by Martha and wearing a jumper by Paris.

Trust me…she will be okay!